Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Frogeye, Carnival of Light, C-diddy

Alright Ok.
Thanksgiving break is finally here thank goodness and I am going to lounge like I never have lounged. I have some big plans. I am going to read a book. I am going to write some tunes. I am going to eat Turkey at Angies and make some frog-eyed salad. I have not looked forward to something this much in some time. Its going to be a great vacation. Last night I had kind of a quasi-Thanksgiving dinner with the ward and that was pretty good, lots of Turkey to go around. I also decided that Ginger Ale might be one of the best Thanksgiving drinks. Look at how delicious that salad looks Rita? You are such a commie.

I just have one more class today and it is Marketing. That class is incredibly boring but rather that than difficult right? I will have to think of something fun to do tonight though because as of right now I will home doing jack squat.

I read in the paper today that Paul Mcartney has decided recently to release a previously unknown Beatles track. It is supposedly pretty abstract, its called Carnival of Light, and is 14 minutes long. It was recorded during the time they were working on Abbey Road. I guess Paul just told them to run around the room and bang on things. I hope its at least slightly melodic. Anyways, I will be excited to hear that when it is finally released.
Here is the 2003 World Champion Air Guitarist, C-diddy, doing the performance that won it all for him. It was the first time the U.S.A. had competed and he took home the gold. Its pretty amazing how seriously they take this stuff.

Pretty amazing eh? This looks like something I could actually do. Maybe USU should have an Air guitar championship. That would be an entertaining show to watch. I need to get that idea to the right people. Oh, by the way, the above clip is from the documentary called Air Guitar Nation, which chronicles the battle for the cup. Its a cool show, but near the ending, suddenly a guy decides to be completely naked while he is jamming at the competition. For some reason, the filmakers did not feel the need to censor this. The competitors are funny though, they act as if this is a legitimate art form, and sometimes, you partially believe them.

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Melissa said...

Why don't you post about your failed acini de pepe? Who doesn't read recipes for salads they've never made?????