Thursday, November 20, 2008

Koolaide, Hellboy, Turkeyday looms.

This is a picture of my sister Rita.

Commy Commy traitor to our country!

I watched Hellboy 2 last night. The story is not all that great but it was incredibly entertaining to watch. Lots of really strange looking creatures. My favorite was the winged creepy death guy I have pictured.

Thanksgiving is coming soon. I am going to make frog eye salad at least. Maybe even some devil eggs. Love that stuff. I probably will skip the turkey..or maybe get some from village inn. Things to think about.



lori said...

Ok, totally agree with you about the pict of Rita, spot on dude. Also, Rita and dad were just talking about how much they hate frog eye salad, she really is a commy. And, it is actually much harder to make than one may think, so good luck with that one.

Rita Christiansen said...

Ok, I do hate frog-eye salad. If that makes me a commy, so be it.
"Imagine there's no frog eyes....
It's easy if you try"

Calvin Smooth said...

Do you or do you not try to ban frog eye salad? Preventing freedom of taste among the U.S.?