Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spacious Thoughts, Election Results Challenge, Olbermann, Neti Pot

Long day yesterday. That corporate Finance Class is killing me. Oh well, just about 1 month left. I have got to get my head right though. Yes sir. Everything else is going real well though. No complaints.

Tom Waits and Kool Keith are in a song together on the new NASA CD and it is pretty crazy. I am obsessed with Tom Waits and to hear him singing the chorus for a rap song is pretty bizarre and therefore kind of expected. At one point he yells the word "Ghetto Booty" which made me laugh a bit. This is nowhere near the better stuff he has done, but I occasionally like Kool Keith and he hold up here. Anyways, here is the link if you are interested in this bit of weirdness. http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/download/146657-premiere-nasa-ft-tom-waits-and-kool-keith-spacious-thoughts-stream

I think I am going to go the the big election bash they are having at school tonight. Free Pizza, hot dog eating contest, Live results, ping pong. I am pretty sure we all know what the outcome will be, but the question is how large will the gap be? My estimate is 6 points. Anybody else care to guess? If you get closer than me I will give you a special Blog prize.

By the way, Ben Affleck as Keith Olbermann of Saturday Night Live was pretty funny. I really dislike Keith. THey got it right too, with the chair spinning, camera angles, and especially the rearranging of words to sound smart and over dramaticizing of events. I didn't even think Ben could pull that off.

That Dexter show is freaking addicting. I finished Season 1 late last night. Too Late. But I was doing laundry so I justified it. I am going to try and put off getting into season 2 until the weekend. I cant control myself otherwise.

Oprah is continually endorsing the strangest products I have ever seen. First came the old Pedegg (see earlier post) then this think called the Neti Pot. This is really odd. And the lady that is the commercial's model really has to start using expressions someday. Its as if she is indifferent to the product. I guess that is all there was to do...you can't be smiling while pouring water up your nose, that would be creepy and unnatural. But frowning would seem like you weren't enjoying it. So she opted for disinterested.

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I just got Christmans gift ideas for my entire family!