Monday, November 10, 2008

Animals, Film Review, Hippies, Bert and Ernie

This was up at Passive Aggressive notes today. I always hated having to feed animals. Probably some of the biggest family fights, including the trial for Rachel resulted from laziness in this area.

This weekend was alright. I did go see that Man on Wire show at the Logan Arts Cinema on Friday night. It was pretty entertaining and I would reccommend it if it is playing at a theater close to you. The guy who walked across the towers is pretty eccentric. and enthusiastic and it makes for a good narrative. He also walked across the two towers of Notre Dame. After all was said in done he didn't even spend a day in jail. So check it out you will enjoy it.

Also had to work on Saturday and Sunday. People did not tip all that well this time around. I have decided to keep working at Village Inn next semester though, just a weekend shift. I waste alot of time on weekends anyways. And this way I can always pick up other people's shifts if I need more work. We have these new pancakes there that are pretty good and I like getting restaurant food once in a while.

Hippies here at school make me laugh. I am sure they are fewer in Logan than in other places, but you have to have them. I am sure this is a sweeping generalization, but you wonder why they are even at college, because they do not seem to enjoy learning, unless they are in an English class reading Hermann Hesse or in some Poly Sci class arguing with "Bald Heads". The reason I am saying this is I had a couple of dredheads stay very late at Village Inn even after we closed so they could dicuss philosophy over their coffee. Anger. This video really cracked me up. I like how Andy Sandberg goes from pretty decent parody into absurdity in just a few minutes. Each of his digital shorts starts out poking fun at something and then just goes into random nonsensical pop culture references.

I was going to go see this concert tonight in Salt Lake of this group called Subtle, but school is cracking down so I need to stay here tonight. That annoys me. Its a crazy rock/rap group and I have been listening to the rapper Dose One for a long time. Oh well, sometimes academia takes precedence. I took a Physiology Lab test today and I think I did pretty well. Physics Test is Wednesday and then Marketing on Thursday, Physiology is next Monday and Corp Finance is next Tuesday as well.

I did a bunch of recording this weekend that I am pretty stoked about. Cant wait for you to hear it...maybe within the week I will have it available to download. There is a song about laziness and one about Ipods ruining the album idea, there are a few love songs and a rap song about Sesame Street. Speaking of Sesame Street, a while back they released DVD's of the old episodes and put a warning on it that some may not be suitable for kids. This is really odd to me. Some of the reasons cited were because cookie monster smokes a pipe in the "Monsterpeice Theater" skits, and that Ernie and Bert's apartment is always messy and Ernie was a bad influence. Good Greif. Rather Sesame street than the Wiggles or Yo Gabba Gabba. Even Dora and Diego and the Backyardigans. Barney! Nothing has surpassed Sesame Street as a kids show.

I like weird video mashups of Kids characters doing things they would not actually do. Here is Bert and Ernie Singing Ante up by M.O.P. Funny, it almost sounds like their voices if they were actually rapping. For some reason this makes me laugh.


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