Monday, November 17, 2008

Squatting Position, Bond Formula, Vincent Moon

Pretty grossed out right now....just had to watch a video about giving birth in the squatting position in Physiology Lab. Seeing it once is okay. This video shows it like 10 times simultaneously. I do not need to see that. I finally said "I've seen enough!" and walked out of the lab. A few people did the same afterwards. The lab instructor just laughed. The weird thing is, the women that were giving birth did not seem really all that fatigued during or even after childbirth. They just popped the baby and out picked it up and stood back up. I guess the reason is that evolutionary speaking our pelvis shrunk as we began to walk more upright and so the baby doesn't fit so well, but the squatting position allows maximum space and the muscles work more. Also these women squat to rest as they are walking around, so the muscles are extremely strong. Supposedly the social idea of lying down to make yourself comfortable for birth is a lie. You would be more comfortable squatting. Whatever, I'm just glad I dont have to do it. But what would you choose? I nice bed or this wooden stool thing?

Speaking of Physiology, I had a huge test today. I think it went Ok. I didnt realize how bad it was until last night at about midnight and I still had loads to go over. I began to get a bit discouraged. In fact I was literally getting depressed and sick to my stomach about it. So I took a late night drive and kept repeating to myself that I was going just plow through it all. I also kept thinking that I couldn't let Andy Anderson (the teacher) beat me...because I think his goal is to totally dominate his students and make them just finally quit. So anyways, after driving for about 15 minutes I got an energy drink and layed waste to the stuff, it was pretty complex information. But I think I got the A, so we will wait and see until next week. I have another test tomorrow and right now I am pretty dang exhausted unfortuneately. But after this things will cool off.

I saw Bond this weekend. It was good but not as good as its predecessor. I felt like they just went back to the old Bond structure for some of it. Random girl, weird and highly unrealistic plot. But the action was good and the beginning was really well done. I actually liked it alot up until the crashed into the sinkhole and discovered the that point things began to get hazy. But go see it, its the best action movie out since The Dark Knight. And how can you beat that? Its like the Godfather 2 of superhero movies.

I read today that the live action version of King of Kong is well on its way to production. I can't wait to see who they cast as Billy Mitchell. I am rooting for Daniel Day Lewis. Yeah right.

Oh and I recently watched a documentary about the band The National that was pretty good. Its called "A skin a Night" and is by Vincent Moon, who films all the Take Away shows. If you are not familiar with his work, he basically documents bands performing some of their songs in strange in the middle of the street or in a boat or in a name it. He has recorded some awesome stuff... This performance by Beirut was one of my favorites he has done. Cool idea.

Must go sleep. bye

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