Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Autotunes, Outkast, JB.

Physics test went well. May have missed one or two, but I am guessing at least an A...I will find out tomorrow afternoon how it really went. Quite a bit of studying went into that one.

Turns out that Outkast is releasing 3 albums this year. One solo album for each member plus a dual album. That will be be some good for the mainstream hip hop community. I have to say that I am not the biggest fan of the whole Lil' Wayne, Kanye, T-Pain takeover. I do not understand the obsession with the auto-tune. Every single song they have to put that in there somehow. I much prefer Andre's style so I hope he stays kicking. Just look how he shows up fonsworth and kanye in this video.

That guy can dance smooth. Outkast is one of the view rap groups everyone can enjoy. At least some of their songs.

Speaking of dancing...The only guy to every do it perfectly....James Brown. The mashed potato. The Boogaloo, the ol' James Brown, the Funky Chicken. The dude inspired Micheal Jackson, but Micheal didn't ever live up to what James did. Wanna a quick lesson? James was happy to oblige. This is from some old T.V. show.

I like the open orange shirt. I often wonder if some of these performers are actually crazy. I mean, I do not know anybody who would feel comfortable wearing that type of shirt around. But somehow performers are comfortable wearing the weirdest stuff....Funny.

I am registering for school. I think next semester will be the hardest for me yet. Going to be very busy. It seems as if I've got the studying thing down. Its not as hard as it could if I was married or had some sort of outside commitments. It just takes time and concentration.

I hope you are enjoying the new tunes...we will keep it cracking out. I still have alot of ideas to messa around with but writing lyrics takes time. I am reading good poems and watching some cool stuff that is giving me some ideas. So stay tuned.

I'm watching the Wire season 2 now. Dexter kind of got stupid real fast...but the first season was good. The Wire is the same way. I guess its hard to follow characters and make them continually interesting for that many seasons. Most people don't change or have continually and increasingly interesting lives, so its hard to sustain the suspense without making them unrealistically cheezy. But there are plently of shows out there, so alot of first seasons to watch.


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