Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Albums here we come....

Its officially Thanksgiving Day. So now its time to break out the Christmas Music. It seems to be a clique thing for people to comment, "I hate people who try to bring Christmas music early!" They whine about how Christmas cannot officially begin until Thanksgiving Turkey has been given a few days to digest. They don't want any decorations, music, themes, shopping, ect. to begin until December rolls around. I don't mind telling you that I am one of the people that you lot hate. In fact, you may be really mad when I tell you that I think Thanksgiving is a snoozer anyways. You just eat alot of food and sleep through the rest of the day. Christmas lasts much longer then a few hours, and if I want to eat alot of food I can go to Royal Fork whenever I feel like it. So, don't be mad, but here are some of the albums I will be playing for the next 35 days or so....

Sufjan Stevens "Songs for Christmas"
This is one of the best there is. Its pretty un-traditional sounding, with lots of Banjo and Wind instruments. It's a double disc, so it lasts a long while, and it also has a good mix of old favorites and original tunes from the genius who is in the process of writing an album about each one of the 50 states. 2 down, hes got 48 to go. The fact that he even had time to make this album blows my mind. You will have to just take my word on this one, it is a fantastic Christmas album.

Vince Guaraldi Trio "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
Vince Guaraldi made an excellent soundtrack to the special. And it is about as Christmas can be felt. A great version of all these songs was released last year. Its great background Christmas tunes and brings back childhood memories. The recording quality on the album is great by the by. And who doesnt love this song?

James Brown "Funky Christmas"
The king of soul had a special place for Christmas in his heart. In fact, he died on Christmas day. He also made an amazing Christmas album, but its not the kind that your parents will want to listen to. This is not sipping cocoa by the fire music. This is typical James Brown. Shreiking "Merry Christmas!" and "James Brown Loves YOU!" There are few traditional songs on this album, and those that are traditional are hardly recognizable as such. But I love James Brown. And he gets me closer to wanting to dance than any other performer. So if your having a Christmas party, and need some jamming tunes, this is your album. I have it in my car during all of December to wake up to. Just watch this clip of "Soulful Christmas". Is that the Funky Chicken dance I spot at 29 seconds? I think so.

Bing Crosby "White Christmas"
I dont have to say anything about this hopefully. But here for your viewing pleasure is something you probably had no idea existed. A christmas duet with Bing and the one and only David Bowie. This is a match in made in heaven.

And no its not on the White Christmas album. Sorry.

James Taylor "A James Taylor Christmas"
This maybe doesn't really merit the list, but its just that I like James Taylor so much. So I am a bit biased. His voice is pretty amazing and its as if he were meant eventually to make a Christmas Album. I really like his version of Aud Lang. But he could sing pretty much anything and I would probably like it. Here is a good clip that proves his voice is just as good live as in the studio.

Low "Christmas"
There are only like 2 traditional Christmas songs on this album, and that is probably the reason I love it so much. Usually when people write their own songs they are a bit cheesy, but these guys managed to do it without destroying the feeling of the holiday. This is really pretty different from what you are probably used to, but I think you would enjoy it. Here is a music video with some of the song "Just like Christmas"

I have a few more I might post later, but those will give you some options to get into the spirit. But before I go, and I know I have posted lots of videos already, but this may be the best Christmas song ever. By Tom Waits of course.

Don't pretend you don't love it.

Let me know if you agree with any of my choices or think of something that I definitely missed. I'd be happy to spar with you.


Melissa said...

Bing is probably my favorite album, but my favorite one not on the list is the Muppets Christmas Carol from their movie. That soundtrack is a classic.

Rachel Kenley said...

If you didn't like Tom Waits so much, you'd make fun of the way he performs just like Jessica Simpson. He sings most of that song with his neck at a 90 degree angle.