Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rhymes, Weekends, Buck 65, Voting

I thought of a great rhyme today to put into one of my tunes. Here it is.

Knees don't bend, so I bow to No man
Rappers these days are just sticking to the program
Paying child support for 6 kids is really no plan
Yet they choose this instead of using the Tro-jan?

Actually, I probably will never use that one but it made me laugh when it popped in my head yesterday. I have some more that I may share periodically that might not make the cuts.

I did do the cornmaze this weekend and it was fun. I was uncontrollably making these strange noises whenever some worker would pop out and start up a chainsaw. About midway through the maze some 12 yr old kids got the pee scared out of them and grabbed onto my arms, scaring the pee out of me. I told them to calm down and then they said, "Sorry, can we just walk with you for a minute?" It was pretty funny and the group I was with had to ask them why they gravitated toward me of all people. I then entertained myself the rest of the maze by lying to them about what was ahead as if I was an expert. "Around one of these next corner's is Dracula, and he will swoop out from the sky so be watching! I've done this maze before!"

The rest of the weekend flew by. Saturday I took my brother in law to the airport, ate Lunch with my grandparents, did a pumpkin walk with the family, and then worked til about 11:00. Sunday I just worked all morning and studied for Monday's Physiology Exam which is going to be Hell. But I have been there and done that before so I will be fine. It was called Ochem.

Most people will not care about this, but I wanted to reccommend some Hip Hop Music. For the past 6 years or so, I have been under the opinion that Buck 65 from Canada, (Richard Terfry) is the greatest rapper alive today. Well, he proved himself again recently, declaring that he will no longer charge for his music. Never. He will release it online periodically. So he is a musician who has a job (he works and CBC radio 2 and dj's the drive program which is amazing) and still does the music thing. The only incentive being to create. He is not all talk either, in the last 3 months he recorded like 70 songs and has released a three part album, one hour each album. Its called Dirtbike and it is probably the best and most progressive rap music I have heard in years. Its of course better than any radio thug rap, but its even lightyears beyond the "cool" underground indie rap that people are catching on to these days. He straight up kills it. Anyways, its really low fi home recordings but they are fantastic for how fast he did it. Check it out if your into that sort of thing. Or look up his latest studio album Situation on Itunes. Actually, why make you go to that trouble? Just watch this! Just one of the many of my favorite music videos by ol' Buck. A bit strange, just know it is inspired by and old wrestling show and the music comes from that.

Im reading 1984 for the second time and loving it. Not sure I got everything in Sophomore year of High School. Its really funny and serious at the same time. I'm about half way through it.

Voting season looms. If there is anything that makes me NOT want to vote, this is it. Especially because of Ashton Kutcher and Jonah Hill, but all the celebrities have a way of making me want to do the exact opposite of what they are saying. know what I mean? I even like some of these peoples' work, but here, they are just talking heads for a good cause in an annoying way. Check it.

Back to studies.....yo.


lori said...

Calvin, there is something wrong with your comment options. Sometimes they show up and sometimes they don't? Wierd. What is also wierd is you thinking some lame-O white dude is the best rapper of all time. Ever heard of Tupac?

Calvin Smooth said...

Tupac was a good social commentator, but he didnt do much to change the genre's direction. Even if he is more well known and reached a wider that does not mean he is better. Eminem sold about twice as much as Pac, but I dont think he is in the running either. Its all about the wordplay and ideas. Dont know what to do about the comment sections though. that is weird.

lori said...

I really don't think Tupac is the best rapper, I was just trying to make you mad. I don't know enough rappers and that's all I could think of!

Holly and Garrett said...

So I pretty much stopped watching the little "Don't Vote" video after two minutes because it was getting so ANNOYING.
Dustin Hoffman: Don't vote, unless you care about gay rights and abortion rights."
That one cracked me up. So basically if I don't care about gay or abortion rights, then I really SHOULDN'T vote!?! hmmm...